My first custom ruby web application

Written by Walter on x/x/2008

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Well I just nearly finished my first RoR Web 2.0 app!

Check it out :

It's got an authentication system (actually 2), a mailer/notifier, blog, cms and is also featuring a custom c++ application I wrote to do the updating of the ip address from the client pc's.

I still need to tweak some stuff though, especially implement some caching ( because I'm not satisfied with the performance as it is now.

Oh yeah before I forget, this is for the remote view of camera installments and I do still need to hack one more thing into this to get it fully operational but basically all the hard work is done now ;). Time to sleep, because I want to install this in Oostende (a 2 hour drive and I need to be there before noon ... aaah days of stress here ;) ).

Anyway, that's all folks, happy hacking!

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