AnyKey project

(2011-Present day)

AnyKey was an invention that I had during my student days way back in the 90s. It took me a while to find the skills and free time to make my first prototype in 2011. Which I also patented in Belgium and got my patent in the beginning of 2012.

In 2019 AnyKey the project has grown into its own small startup and requires a lot of software development. As I'm co owner of AnyKey bvba to keep expenses low most of the work done is not invoiced. However later on this might change when AnyKey starts creating enough revenue. We landed in the local newspapers here on HLN article anykey

AnyKey Firmware

Implented in C++ with avr-gcc. The initial hardware prototype was on an Attiny85 using VUSB stack. However in 2018 we moved to a more capable microcontroller the ATmega32u4 and did a complete rewrite of the firmware and added a lot of features like Challenge Response with SHA256 encryption.

AnyKey Configurator

Native desktop applications and installers for Windows, MacOS and linux. Implemented in C++ using Qt framework.

AnyKey Webshop

You can buy your anykey on The webshop was made in my spare time using ruby on rails.

This page in under construction, and will be completed soon...