DC motor controller board

Way back in 2006 I built this nice dc-motor controller board with the l298n chip.

Here are some pictures:

In this picture both my RCD programmer and the diy connector/box I just made for the Suuntu dive computer interface.

Youtube video showing the running motors forward, reverse and various speeds using pulse code modulation Sorry for the shacky video. I definitely need a camera stand if I want to operate buttons and hold a camera at the same time it just doesn't work out :) ):


Nowadays in 2021 you can get a very similar and dirt-cheap controller board on aliexpress L298N driver board module . Still it was satisfying to be able to make this from scratch using just a chip and some protoboard. Also my version already had a pic micro controller added that would interface the buttons, debounce them and drive the pwm signals to the l298 chip (which is just an h-bridge chip) to send current to the motors.