Christmas Wii-remote xmms hack

Written by Walter Schreppers

Well I got this nice christmas present a Wii remote!

But I don't own a Wii console. So I hacked away in edubuntu linux and got it to control my xmms mp3 player. All buttons except power button work as follows:

Up: previous song in playlist
Down: next song in playlist
Left: reverse song
Right: forward song

A: Toggle Shuffle
B: Toggle play/pause

1: Left mouse button -> yes pointing also works if you make a sensor bar with some plain IR-leds
2: Right mouse button

Home: exit xmms-wii application

And the best part: shake the remote!
Shake a little bit and it skips to next song. Shake it a lot and it skips more songs at a time.

To get this working in ubunto linux you need the following packages:
WMD driver 0.1.2

xmms control written by myself
Read the README's in the .tar.gz's for install instructions

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