RepRap 3D printer making progress

Written by Walter

Time to post some videos of my latest 'hobby project' a 3D printer:

First time we melt plastic ABS with our extruder:

The first stepper is now tweaked/fine tuned to run smooth and fast with a pololu stepper and attiny2313 for testing:

This is doing 1000 step increments forward/backward (so verry high resolution and pretty decent speed.) Also when we switched the pololu to 1/16 steps it became really quiet in operation as well ;)

Even more good news, just now a mail package arrived. It's my arduino mega clone I bought from ebay this sunday! Horrai my printer/robot is getting a decent atmega1280 brain now!

UPDATE: finished Y and Z this friday night. Rounding up the stepper control now and found a smaller power suply in attic (from old broken laptop). No more stopping now, this thing is gonna print by the time my PLA 200meter roll arrives sometime next week ;)

Z-AX running:

Y-AX running the platform:

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